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Smoky Mtn Saddlebags Mesh Tool Bag

Smoky Mtn Saddlebags Mesh Tool Bag
Patriot Blue


Use this sturdy mesh and cordura organizer bag as a tool keeper in your side pods, tail bag, or panniers. A handy clip allows you to attach it inside other bags to keep it at the top and easily accessed. Mesh allows you to readily see your tools, wallet, phone, etc. Reflective accents designed to allow you to find the organizer when using a flashlight...but can also be used to enhance visibility at night if hung outside the side pod. Get a second organizer in a different color for your personal items such as sunscreen, insect repellant, hand wipes, etc. 8x10inches.

Nice clip to secure your organizer bag and ample mesh area for quick storage.

Front side with the reflective strip