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Schwalbe Air Max

Schwalbe Air Max


The digital pressure gauge is very precise, measuring pressures up to 11 bar and is suitable for both Schwalbe and Presta valves.

To use the Airmax Pro with a Presta valve you do not need to make any adjustments or changes. Just hold down the button to turn the pressure gauge on, loosen the little nut on the valve top and place the pressure gauge on the valve. Wait for a audible “peep” and your pressure is read. You can select to display Bar, PSI, KPA or kg/cm2 by briefly pressing the button. If you are using the Airmax Pro with a Schraeder (Auto) valve, simply unscrew and remove the brass top and use the gauge directly on the valve.

Tip: Test tire pressures at least once per month with a pressure gauge. Testing by thumb is completely unreliable as with just half of the required pressure the tire will feel hard. Insufficient air pressure is the most common bicycle problem that results in dramatically increased rolling resistance and premature tire wear.

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