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POC Trigger/Rapid Fire Handlebars

POC Trigger/Rapid Fire Handlebars


Want to use a pair of SRAM Triggers or Shimano Rapid Fires on your favorite Cat? Now you can without sacrificing comfort or adjustability. This pair of handlebars gives you the vertical handlebar riser and beautifully bent 7/8" handlebar and handlebar clamp. You just clamp them to your Catrike horizontal bar and you're off to the races!

The horizontal hand position is extremely comfortable and provides a unique sense of stability. We actually have been making these in one form or another with some of our handicapped clients.

I'll have to say, Commander Shak (whose trike is pictured in the features) is the one that drove me to take another look at these.

Available in environmentally friendly silver or powder coated black.

Plenty of grip room and a gentle enough curve to allow the cables to follow the bar and not jut out into the riders leg area.  The single bolt clamp allows you to adjust the handlebar height and position for and aft.  We can alter the actual handlebar bend based on your needs.  Please discuss this with us before we ship!


One absolutely beautiful Catrike Expedition.  Shak put a tremendous amount of thought and love into his silver surfer.  The handlebars were the crowning glory and he's incredibly happy with how they turned out and how they feel.  

If you look closely, his trike is also sporting a full set of our Hope Technology hubs and hand built wheels!  Nice ride shak!!!!

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