POC Double Bag Holder

POC Double Bag Holder
$59.00 - $64.00


When one just won't do the trick. Want a way to carry two handlebar style bags so you have access to them right away? If so, this device is it. Securely clamps to a 1" horizontal seat tube (with 3 adel clamps). It gently curves around the seat and provides ample room to mount each bag.

This works great on the Trice Trike series of recurve seats.

We can produce this to fit an exposed 7/8" crossbar or to accommodate a different width seat. Just give Mark a call to discuss your particular situation.

Handlebar bags that have a clamp on style mount work the best with this bag holder. This comes in natural polished silver (environment friendly) or in black.

The double bag holder actually comes with three easy twist clamps for a positive connection to the seat.  We attach a thin rubber strip to the inside of the tubing that actually contacts the seat.  This helps "stick" the holder to the seat and help stop paint damage.  Plastic endcaps are provided for a dressed up appearance


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