POC Blistering Trike Wheel

POC Blistering Trike Wheel
$190.00 - $267.00


One smokin hot 20" trike wheel! We've got quite a few of these out there tearing up the roads.

Velocity Aeroheat rim laced to a Hope Pro Front hub. This model we are showing is setup to bolt right up to your Catrike. So, it runs on a 20mm axle.

We can do the Hope hubs in many different colors. In most cases, if you want them, we can color coordinate the nipples.

Spoke options are 14 gauge stainless black or silver, Sapim CX Ray Blades in silver and we can special order the black ones.

This wheel is a 28 spoke sub-600 gram wheel!

Yep, that's 549 upside down!

Some of the beautiful machining work on the Hope Hubs.  

Many folks ask about upgrading the bearings.  With Hope's stainless bearings, I wouldn't waste the money.  These things spin like crazy.

The Velocity A23 rim.  It's drilled for presta valves.  This rim took the place of the Aerohead.  It's slightly wider than than the Aerohead was.  

This customer chose Red nipples and black Sapim CX Ray Spokes.

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