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POC Adaptive Heel cup

POC Adaptive Heel cup
$75.99 - $146.98


A lightweight and simplistic way of maintaining heel placement on stationary bikes or recumbent trikes. Our heel cup, available in left or right, works to keep the foot straight and out of the chainline or frame.

The heel cup works on a sliding tube to handle most all shoe sizes. If you have a special need, we can tailor these to you!

Delivered already mated to a quality alloy and steel pedal.

Sold individually, or in pairs. Please use the drop down menu below to make your selection.

We also have a modular plug in calf support for those with prosthetic limbs or trouble with directional knee control. Call us!

Please check your pedal axle size. This one is on you to get right! Most exercise bikes and juvenile bikes have a 1/2" pedal axle. Most adult recumbent trikes and bikes are 9/16".


1. Check your bikes manual, sometimes this is in there
2. Call the manufacturer or your dealer
3. Look at the end of the crank arm your pedal is screwed into. The pedal mount hole runs all the way through this arm. Look on the backside of where the pedal screws in and measure that threaded hole.


This shows a little better picture of the adjustment possible with our heel cup.   This picture shows a right side heel cup mounted on a standard mtb pedal. 

We also make calf support pedals that maintain the cyclists knee and hip alignment.  Many of our cyclists can push, but can control the direction their knee goes when meeting resistance.  Our calf support coupled with a clipless platform pedal will usually solve this problem.

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