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DeSoto DeSoto Arm Coolers

DeSoto DeSoto Arm Coolers
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Protect yourself from the sun and heat, with DE SOTO ARM COOLERS™. Yes, ARM COOLERS... contrary to what you wear in the winter to keep your arms warm, this set of sleeves keeps you cooler in hot weather. Skin Cooler ™ is a special moisture-radiating material that actually offers a cooling effect. They are guaranteed to keep your arms cooler in training and in racing than not wearing anything. These sleeves block 75% of UVB rays, which is about as much as any bike jersey you may wear. We recommend you wear sunscreen underneath.
Available colors and sizes: 1 xs-black
2 s-black, 1 s-white
4 m-black, 1 m-white
2 L-black.


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