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20", 451 Wheels

POC 451 Front Wheel
20" 451 Front Wheel. Nice 350 gram mini-aero double wall rim. We've laced this to a Shimano 105 32 hole front hub. Shimano quality with Power On Cycling wheel build quality! We've used Stainless steel spokes and chrome plated brass nipples for a total weight of 728 grams.
POC 20
$189.00 - $244.00
Probably one of the most ulitmate front hubs. American Classic, the name says it all. At a minimalist 58 grams, this hub screams! It's always crazy when I do a wheel build with one of these. I can spin the wheel in the truing stand, go eat lunch, and it's still rocking in the stand! Scare me! In this case, we've laced American Classic to our 379 gram double wall mini aero rim. This wheel sports 28 spokes in a variety of styles. We can do straight gauge spokes in black or silver, double butted spokes, and my first love, Sapim CX Ray blades! You choose! Hand built with care by Mark, this wheel will provide many years of straight and true riding
POC 20' 451 Capreo Style Rear Wheel
$209.00 - $283.00
Want give your Catrike Speed or 451 two wheel recumbent a kick in the pants? This 28 hole upgrade rear wheel, spinning on quality sealed cartridge bearings, and running a high gear with 9 teeth is the ticket! This rear hub will run the HG70, 9 - 26 or the 9 - 34 ICE Hybrid cassette. Going from an 11 tooth high gear to 9 will give that extra push to make those pesky roadies pay! Right now, we have a choice of two black rims, both with machined sidewalls. We can build with the Sun Assualt II rim or the Velocity Fusion rim.
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