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20", 406 Wheels

POC Capreo Style 20
$209.00 - $295.00
Handbuilt around our awesome 306 gram mini-aero rim, this 28 spoke wheel will give your 20" rear wheel drive trike or bike the kick it needs! Our rim is laced to a lightweight, sealed bearing rear hub that runs the HG-70, 9 - 26 nine speed cassette and the 9 - 32 hybrid ICE is offering. Talk about adding gear inches to your present 20" drivetrain! Mark personally handbuilds each wheel for your application. Our rims come in either solid black for most trike applications and black with a machined sidewall braking surface. Imagine transforming your RANS Rocket, Tailwind, or any other 406 rear wheel drive! This hub comes in a 135mm width and can be used for disc brake applications or non-disc. Overall wheel weight with double butted spokes and no cassette is 803 grams.
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