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Tires & Tubes

Pedro's Levers
The industry favorite for several years, Pedro's tire levers have had one problem in that yours tend to disappear. Every lever is made from the strongest plastic available.The chisel tip makes it easy to insert beneath the bead, and the slightly thicker shape keeps the tire lever from slipping out from under the bead . The tough handle makes it easy to remove the tightest of tires.
Primo Comet
$36.99 - $50.99
A 280 gram road tire for recumbents. Available in many popular recumbent widths for 406 wheels, this tire has been an industry standard for years. The 1.35 version inflates to 100psi. With it's minimalist herringbone tread, the rolling resistance is very low. A kevlar lined version is available in most sizes.
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Alloy fittings allowing you to convert a rim drilled for Schrader to Presta. Inserts from the backside of the rim. Sold as a pair.
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Fits 18" 355 size tires.
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