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Tires & Tubes

Maxxis Xenith Hors Categorie
The Hors Categorie is a professional-level road racing tire with a 120 TPI casing. The Hors Categorie offers two different rubber hardnesses to optimize your ride. The harder 62a center has ultra-low rolling resistance and wears slowly, while the softer 57a side offers incredible grip in tight corners. The casing is nylon with a 2-ply breaker for strength and durability. "After 9 years of racing on tubulars, I wasn't looking forward to putting clinchers on my race bike. When I put 130psi in my Maxxis Hors Categorie tires, I couldn't tell the difference except in my wallet." -Luke Stockwell, Jittery Joe's/Choco-Andean Eco-Coffee Pro Cycling Team
Schwalbe Durano Plus
Maximum puncture protection for race machines! The Durano Plus has a SmartGuard belt for extremely effective protection against penetration punctures. The strong, highly elastic, special rubber layer is not as thick as in the Marathon Plus. Nevertheless it has a level of protection unparalleled in racing cycle tires.
Schwalbe Ultremo R
Created using new construction principles and with new high tech materials. Rolling resistance and weight have been radically reduced! Radial Technology. For the first time, our High Density Technology makes it possible to integrate a protection belt radialy into a bicycle tire. The tire retains its shape better. Internal friction and rolling resistance are reduced. Triple Nano Compound. A completely revised nano-sized polymer base and fillers has made our triple compound even better. Small particles - less internal friction. Ceramic. The addition of a ceramic coating is entirely new. Small pieces of glass that remain embedded in the tire and slowly cut their way through a protection belt are now stopped by the tough, ceramic particles that blunt the edges of the glass preventing its destructive migration. The 700 x 23 tire weighs in at a tiny 180 grams. We currently stock black only. However, we can order silver, yellow, red, blue, and pink. Please call for special color orders.
Already proven in real world Pro Tour tests (including the Tour de France), the new Pro4 tire features lighter weights, better efficiency and up to 27% more grip than the Pro² models they replace. In Michelin's own testing, we found a 3 mph increase in maximum speed when turning on a 25 meter radius corner. The 650 is available in black and weighs 190 grams
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