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26", 571 (650)

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$5.99 - $7.99
Quality Inner tubes that fit 650 tires. We have them in several valve sizes to suite your needs.
Schwalbe SV11
$6.99 - $11.99
A tube is not just a tube. Airtightness. Apart from the quality of the ingredients, the purity of the rubber mixture is crucial to the quality of the tube. The base material is therefore sieved at enormous pressure through seven filters before being extruded. All tubes are inserted into a mould and inflated for vulcanization to ensure constant wall thickness and high air pressure retention. Reliability. All tubes are inflated and stored for 24 hours in order to test for air pressure retention. Afterwards each, individual tube undergoes a careful visual inspection. This special quality control helps prevent unpleasant surprises and is why, over many years, Schwalbe tubes have become highly respected for outstanding reliability by bicycle dealers. Group tube system. Only high elasticity and good quality allows a tube to cover very many tire sizes. Tube No. 17 can fit tire widths between 28 mm and 47 mm and that is a big advantage to the trade and simultaneously it vouches for the tube’s quality. Only an extremely high-quality and reliable tube is up to to this requirement. Valve. All valves are nickel plated and threaded and valve inserts are replaceable. Also Schwalbe tubes with the classic bicycle valve are capable of pressure testing thanks to a high pressure valve seal. And it is plain to see as each tube is crowned with a transparent polycarbonate dust cap.
Terry Tellus PT
650 x 28 training/commutting tire. Just might be the answer for a little more cush and a little more puncture protection. The Terry Tellus is the first medium width tire ever offered in this size. The Tellus PT improves on the original Tellus by adding PT protection technology. PT provides a nearly inpenetrable layer of tire protection. Three times more puncture resistent than a kevlar belted tire of the same approximate weight.
Kenda Kaliente
$55.99 - $57.99
Features a lower rolling resistance and low weight at 170 grams. This 125 psi folding tire has a higher tread life expectancy.
Maxxis Xenith Hors Categorie
The Hors Categorie is a professional-level road racing tire with a 120 TPI casing. The Hors Categorie offers two different rubber hardnesses to optimize your ride. The harder 62a center has ultra-low rolling resistance and wears slowly, while the softer 57a side offers incredible grip in tight corners. The casing is nylon with a 2-ply breaker for strength and durability. "After 9 years of racing on tubulars, I wasn't looking forward to putting clinchers on my race bike. When I put 130psi in my Maxxis Hors Categorie tires, I couldn't tell the difference except in my wallet." -Luke Stockwell, Jittery Joe's/Choco-Andean Eco-Coffee Pro Cycling Team
Already proven in real world Pro Tour tests (including the Tour de France), the new Pro4 tire features lighter weights, better efficiency and up to 27% more grip than the Pro² models they replace. In Michelin's own testing, we found a 3 mph increase in maximum speed when turning on a 25 meter radius corner. The 650 is available in black and weighs 190 grams
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