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26", 559

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From 1" to 2.25", we can help you with quality inner tubes for 559 tires. Use the pull down menu to select the size you need.
Michelin WildRun'R tires help transform your bike into a high performance road machine. This 26x1.4" version emphasizes comfort with its large air volume and good speed with it's pure slick contact patch. The Wild Run'r is a wire bead tire with a max psi of 87. It weighs in a 420 grams. 26X1.40 (35-559)
Kenda Kwest 26
$34.99 - $39.99
Available in 1.25, 1.5, and 1.5 tandem width, this 100psi gem is a great tire. It has very minimal tread for good rolling ability. The laser cuts provide good traction for a fast commutting tire. Many manufacturers use this tire as their OEM tire of choice. The tandem tire is extra, extra thick. Still at 100 psi, the extra thick sidewalls give you that extra feeling of confidence while cornering.
MICHELIN Wild Run'r Light
Michelin delivers a high performance road tire for standard 26" rims with the Wild Run'R Advanced. The slick surface rolls super fast on pavement with superior grip thanks to a rubber compound lifted straight from their top of the line PRO road tire. This 1.1" wide advanced model saves weight and has a high density fabric reinforcement under the tread to help prevent punctures. 60 TPI casing. 26X1.1 (28-559 ISO). 87 max PSI. Folding bead. Black/Dark Dray. 200g.
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