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16", 349

Schwalbe Kojak
OUT OF STOCK. WE'VE TALKED WITH SCHWALBE USA AND THEY ARE OUT OF THIS TIRE FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS FROM 1 DEC 2016. WE'VE SOLD THROUGH OUR STOCK. SORRY FOR THE TROUBLE. A no compromise tire that is now the hands down choice for a fast 16". It's home is on the road whether it be a trike or two-wheeler. Although the fast, sporty, tread-less slick weighs under 290 grams, it still has a Raceguard protection belt. Available in wire bead only.
Sun 16
The 349 is the larger of the 16" wheels. You can usually tell a 349 tire/tube because it ends in a decimal for instance: 16 x 1 1/8 and 16 x 1 3/8. We have both presta and schrader valves.
Schwalbe Quality Tubes
Schwalbe tubes are known for their excellent quality. They fit a range of 349 tires from 28mm to 37mm wide (16 x 1 1/8 to 1 3/8). Schwalbe's standard valve length is 40mm.
No Image
Fits 18" 355 size tires.
Primo Comet
16 x 1 3/8" recumbent tire. An 85 psi tire that really gets up and scoots. With a subdued herringbone tread, the Primo is a true road tire: light and fast. A blackwall tire.
Schwalbe Marathon
A high-quality 16 x 1 3/8" tire suitable for touring and everyday commutting use. The newest version has kevlar guard and allround tread compound. Everything in one package; effective puncture protection, durability, and excellent handling characteristics. It weighs 425 grams, handles up to 85 psi, and includes a reflective side strip.
Schwalbe Marathon Plus
A tough tire equipped with Smartguard layers made from a flexible, special rubber. This compound offers particular resistance to shards of glass and thorns. It weighs in at 540 grams and has a max pressure of 95psi. This tire sizes out at 35 - 349. Just to be confusing, Schwalbe calls it a 16 x 1.35!
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