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16", 305

Sun 16
We stock a wide array of tubes for 305 size tires. Most are available in both presta and schrader valves. A 305 size tire can usually be identified when it's width is stated as a decimal: 16 x 1.35, 16 x 1.50, etc.
Schwalbe Quality Tubes
Extremely air-tight! Less air loss means having to inflate less often. Schwalbe's unique rubber mixture makes it possible. Extremely reliable! Each SCHWALBE tube is individually examined twice at the factory to ensure air-tightness. Special quality control that prevents unpleasant surprises. Standard Schwalbe valve length for both types is 40mm. In Schwalbe talk, the SV is presta and the AV valve is Schrader.
Primo 16 x 1.35 Comet
Very light, smooth rolling high pressure tire. At 85psi, the comet makes an excellent choice for upgrading your bikes performance. Black wall tire with small herringbone type tread.
Kenda 16 x 1.5 Kwest
The 100 psi Kenda is a good choice for medium duty riding. With a good grooved tread, the Kenda sheds water with the best of them. Featuring a good thick tire cap, it stands up well to road debris. Blackwall only.
Schwalbe Marathon
A 16 x .175 toughy! A 460 gram tire that inflates to a max of 70psi. Developed over 20 years ago, at that time it was a quantum leap in performance. The first high-quality tire suitable for reliable touring and everyday use. These characteristics quickly made it popular and today it is still Europe’s most riden touring tire. In the newest version with KevlarGuard and Allround tread compound it can fulfil everything that is expected of a Marathon tire: Effective puncture protection, durability and excellent handling characteristics.
Schwalbe Big Apple
A 16 x 2.00 super, super cushy tire. A 405 gram tire that inflates up to 70psi. With this tire, suspension is included. The Big Apple began the Balloonbike trend back in 2001 with the ultimate in comfort. Transform the ride of your recumbent with this quality tire.
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