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Stems & Risers

POC Stem Clamp
Two bolt stem clamp for 1" applications. Basically, this clamp will slide over a 1 1/8" stem tube that has a compression slot cut in it. This stem in turn slides over a 1" fork, hence the 1" application. The bottom of the clamp has a ridge to stop the clamp from riding up. This clamp is also available in 1 1/4"
POC Modular Stem
$10.00 - $29.99
Excellent way to stem up your homebuilt bent or change the stem height on your favorite SWB. With our modular stem kit, you can buy just what you need: The stem riser, stem, single bolt stem clamp, stem plug, or the internal stem riser. Each stem tube comes with the compression slot drilled, cut, and polished!
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3-Piece Riser System currently used on all Bacchetta bikes. Includes: Lower steer tube attach pipe, inner telescoping pipe and stem (choice of 70mm or 90mm) Fits 1 1/8" steer tube only.
Bacchetta B-Pivot
Same one used on all Bacchetta models. Weight- 265 grams. pivot will fit 1" fand 1 1/8" forks. Basically, if the fork has not been cut already, you will need to cut it so it ends about 3/8" below the top of the B-Pivot clamp. The B-Pivot gives you the ability to move your stem foward/backward and up/down. Color- Black Anodized
Terracycle Glideflex
A very smooth operating flex stem. The flex components move smoothly, but also clamp down for no movement when you want that "stiffy" stem feel. No more squeaking and lurching when the stem lets go. This stem gives you an adjustable tiller angle as well as the ability to raise and lower your stem height. Pretty cool, huh? Available for 1" and 1 1/8" fork applications.
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