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Stems & Risers

POC Stem Clamp
$3.00 $4.99 40% Off
CLOSEOUT! Two bolt stem clamp for 1" applications. Basically, this clamp will slide over a 1 1/8" stem tube that has a compression slot cut in it. This stem in turn slides over a 1" fork, hence the 1" application. The bottom of the clamp has a ridge to stop the clamp from riding up.
POC Modular Stem
$10.00 - $29.99
Excellent way to stem up your homebuilt bent or change the stem height on your favorite SWB. With our modular stem kit, you can buy just what you need: The stem riser, stem, single bolt stem clamp, stem plug, or the internal stem riser. Each stem tube comes with the compression slot drilled, cut, and polished!
Bacchetta B-Pivot
$45.00 $70.00 36% Off
CLOSEOUT! You can use these on most any 1” fork application. Same one used on all Bacchetta models. Weight- 265 grams. pivot will fit 1" forks. Basically, if the fork has not been cut already, you will need to cut it so it ends about 3/8" below the top of the B-Pivot clamp. The B-Pivot gives you the ability to move your stem foward/backward and up/down. Color- Black Anodized.
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