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Bacchetta Recurve Seat Foam
Replacement seat foam for Bacchetta recurve seats.
Velogenesis Seat Clamps
If you’re tired of messing around with pull pins on your bike, then these clamps from Velo Genesis are the way to go! Made from aluminum, these clamps replace the pull pins on your recumbent, allowing maximum adjustment, help to stiffen up your seat and adds the finishing touches to your bike. Available in two different sizes.
Bacchetta Recurve Seat Bottom Cover
Replacement seat bottom cover for the Bacchetta recurve seat and foam. This is a Bacchetta product. This cover is held on with a bungee cord draw string running around the bottom of the cover.
Sometimes 1 1/2" isn't quite right. Many of us (me included) need just a little more padding. Our 2" seat foam replacement comes cut and velcro attached. Just stick it back on your Euromesh seat. This foam comes from the very same stable that Bacchetta's 1 1/2" foam comes from.
Bacchetta Seat Back
Replacement seat back and zipties for Bacchetta's recurve Seat.
Bacchetta Recurve Seat
For the ultimate in comfort, look no further than the ReCurve. While most recumbent seats fall away at the top, the ReCurve curves back towards you to keep you tucked into the seat and in the lap of luxury. Seat stays, seat attach bracket, and pull pins are not included with the seat.
Bacchetta Euromesh Seat
Performance, comfort and maximum breathability come together in the perfect all-purpose saddle. At a weight of only 2 1/2 lbs., the EuroMesh is light enough to use for your fast club rides and comfortable enough to tour across the nation. The EuroMesh is quickly becoming our favorite seat. Seat stays, seat attachment bracket, and pull pins are not included with the seat.
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