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Short Wheel Base

Bacchetta Giro 26
Big brother to the Giro 20, the Giro 26 was introduced in 2005 and became an instant recumbent bicycle classic. It's the perfect solution for recumbent riders that love the dual 26" recumbent format for commuting and hardcore touring, without all the touchy-feely super lightweight components found on its roadie brethren. This bent is all about taking on life day to day; ride it hard and put it away wet, the Giro 26 will be there tomorrow ready to go again and again. From its custom frame designed in the U.S. here at Bacchetta, to its high performance components, the Giro 26 is built to satisfy even the most critical recumbent cyclist.
Bacchetta Giro ATT
The Giro-20 TT recumbent bike was designed for the person who wants the perfect all-around ride. Not only does this bike take the rigors of commuting and touring head on with its time tested Bacchetta aluminum frame, its stretched wheelbase also takes on potholes and rough roads with ease. The Giro-20 TT is built to be tough and makes getting out there and riding your recumbent bicycle as easy as hopping on. This rugged recumbent has generated a serious buzz with the commuting and touring crowd, because it really is the ultimate in comfort, quality, and value.
Bacchetta Corsa
Since the Corsa received a face lift in 2005, it has become one of the most sought after performance recumbents on the market. Not only does the Corsa model come with a rigorously tested Aluminum frame, it also comes standard with the evolutionary EuroMesh saddle and a component package that will make your fellow recumbent riders salivate! Check out the complete component package for the Corsa, ride one for yourself and you'll very quickly see why all of the other Corsa riders on the road have just two words for their recumbent cycling brothers: See ya! This is my personal favoirite of all the high-racers out there and one I personally ride. The frame is stiff yet forgiving and the responsiveness is excellent.
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