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Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE)

POC ICE Transition Bars
Need a little extra help escaping your ICE after a hard days ride? We've been using these with our adaptive cycling customers and found them extremely useful on both the Sprint and Adventure. Fully adjustable in height and yaw of the bar, these gems will ease your entry and make your exit look like you've rehearsed it all day! Depending on how you place them, they make a great place to hang mirrors, computers and all sorts of stuff. Remember, we switched to recumbents because cycling doesn't mean you have to hurt to do the ride. Bring back some comfort and security with our transition bars. Available in natural silver and black
POC Headrest for Catrike Fixed Seat Angle Models
This is the best headrest for Catrike's models with a fixed seat angle: 700, Expedition, Speed, Road, older Trails, Villagers, and Dash. A strong headrest for a strong trike. Fully adjustable fore, aft, up, and down. Mounts to the side of the horizontal tube to cross neatly around rear racks! Our improved neck pad comes with a 4" thickness made from super high quality foam. Pad is easily removeable for replacement down the road. Available in two lengths: Short length 8" long and long length (10" long. If you need a special length, just call me and we'll make that for you. We include a plastic shim piece to go between your Catrike and our headrest mount to help protect your paint. We've also included a nifty taillight mounting area to help get that light up and into their field of vision. This can also serve as a nice way to pick the tail end of your trike up and pivot it around!
POC Double Bag Holder
$59.00 - $64.00
When one just won't do the trick. Want a way to carry two handlebar style bags so you have access to them right away? If so, this device is it. Securely clamps to a 1" horizontal seat tube (with 3 adel clamps). It gently curves around the seat and provides ample room to mount each bag. This works great on the Trice Trike series of recurve seats. We can produce this to fit an exposed 7/8" crossbar or to accommodate a different width seat. Just give Mark a call to discuss your particular situation. Handlebar bags that have a clamp on style mount work the best with this bag holder. This comes in natural polished silver (environment friendly) or in black.
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