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ICE Accessories

$7.50 - $13.00 $15.00 - $26.00 50% Off
Rear suspension elastomers for iCE
$10.00 $23.00 57% Off
Slides on to one of the vertical legs of the ICE Headrest.
$12.00 $22.00 45% Off
Puts the bottle cage at a decent enough angle for the rider to reach it while riding.
$12.00 $20.00 40% Off
Designed to mount on the water bottle bosses.
$12.00 $21.00 43% Off
ICE Computer Sensor Mount. Installs at the end of the tie rod for a secure way to attach your computer sensor.
$12.00 $24.00 50% Off
Replacement front suspension Elastomers for front suspension ICE. WE have 1 hard and 1 medium set.
$15.00 - $45.00 $40.00 - $75.00 Up to 63% Off
I've got several variations of ICE Axles left. I have some Ti VTX axles, disc brake axles, drum brakes axles, and older ICE style axles.
$25.00 $45.00 44% Off
Upper seat bracket that clamps to horizontal seat bar with plastic Cateye clamps. For the Adventure or Sprint.
$30.00 $46.00 35% Off
Front Light mount. Bolts to the bottle bosses on the end of the boom tube.
$50.00 $97.00 48% Off
Bracket for shorter riders. Moves the seat forward about 2".
$65.00 $100.00 35% Off
Chain idler for VTX. Idler and mounting bolt.
$65.00 $95.00 32% Off
Pair of ICE Wrist Rests. Actually, can be mounted to any 7/8" vertical tube (other brands).
$69.00 $99.00 30% Off
Designed to fit ICE Trikes, but can be used on other brands of trikes.
$100.00 $171.00 42% Off
Headrest designed to bolt straight onto the ICE Carbon and fiberglass seat.
$150.00 $207.00 28% Off
Easy adjust chain kit. Have mulitple riders in your family? This will take care of that. Allows you to adust the boom without adding or subtracting chain.
$175.00 $228.00 23% Off
Fender set for ICE Trikes without front suspension. Quality fender and hardware. We have 7 of these left.
$175.00 $350.00 50% Off
New pair of kingpost assemlies. Removed from an ICE Adventure to install front suspension.
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