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POC Bike Brake
Ok, I know it says Bike Brake on the product and on the packaging, but it makes a fantastic trike brake. Actually, if you don't have a kickstand on your two-wheeler, this little gem will help stop that sickening death-spiral your bent will sometimes do when you stop for a break. Very stretchy and durable, the Bike Brake also works great when doing maintenance on your shifting (locking the front wheel) or even when you store it! A cheap safety item.
Catrike Computer Sensor Mount
This little gem mounts on the king post assembly via a 5mm bolt and nut. Since most trikes don't have a traditional fork or frame to attach a computer sensor, this allows you to do that. Can be adapted to other brands as well.
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New alloy 20" front fender set for all 20" front wheel equipped Cat's. Includes Catrike proprietary mounting hardware. These fenders run tires up to 1.75" in width. Wider tires will have clearance and coverage issues.
Catrike Expedition
$2,550.00 - $2,700.00
A Sport-Luxury Catrike with a wide track and long wheel base. It is capable of handling heavy loads for long distance touring and it is still a fast machine with a very wide gear range. Honestly, I think this is Catrike's most versatile trike. Not only does it make a superb touring platform, but with a few changes, the thing will scoot right along with the best. The 26" rear wheel gives enough flex to offer some shock absorption for those long tours. This wheel size also plugs you into an incredible amount of tires from go fast to soft and spongy cruiser. An Expedition with a Power On Cycling hand-built 650 rear wheel, Schwalbe Ultremo R Tire, and Schwalbe Durano's on the front, is a totally different animal. Fast, responsive, and able to hold speed on the long haul. All this and you still have ground clearance aplenty!! Stock colors: Silver Cat or Bengal Red
Catrike Villager
$2,550.00 - $4,178.00
This is an affordable, user-friendly Catrike that anyone can ride. One of only two Catrike models with an adjustable seat, the Villager's grown into a truly utilitarian vehicle with incredible ground clearance. Ride it to the grocery store or out to dinner; it’s great for a picnic in the park, or ride it wherever you want to go. You will enjoy the scenery more than ever and discover the great joy of riding all over again. The Villager’s 12.5” seat height allows you to get in and out with little effort. Featuring 5.5” ground clearance you will easily negotiate speed bumps and curb transitions. The stable 31” track and the now standard 27-speed drive train with quality components are marriage made in heaven. This Cat is easy to ride and friendly for a first time buyer. And best of all, it’s affordable. Human power is great for the future, but even better today. Beautiful-Simple-Functional Catrike Villager. This trike is shipped fully assembled, ready to ride via truck freight. Please email or call us to finalize your shipping charge to your location.
Catrike 700
$2,950.00 - $3,100.00
An all-out speed Catrike. Its aerodynamics seating position, fast rolling 700C wheel and high gears, give it a top performance. It is arguably the fastest recumbent trike in the World. The words, "On Rails" seem to apply to this Catrike. This trike will fly and you don't even need a license. Solo today! Stock colors are: Silver Cat or Black Cat and like always, optional colors are no problem.
Catrike Trail
$2,961.00 - $3,145.00
A Budget-Priced multi-purpose Catrike. Its stable geometry and friendly ergonomics make it a great trike for novices and veterans alike. In fact, I think this is the best bang for the buck from Catrike. A great seat angle, easy steering, great ground clearance, and all the component advantages you need for years of fun.
Catrike Road
$3,550.00 - $3,700.00
A Premium multi-purpose Catrike. It is great for the trail, commuting or touring the World. This trike bridges the gap between low slung speed trike and a more robust touring trike. The seat angle is starting to recline enough to give you some aero advantage and for some people make a headrest a good idea. The component upgrade to bar ends is also a very nice feature.
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