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POC Bike Brake
Ok, I know it says Bike Brake on the product and on the packaging, but it makes a fantastic trike brake. Actually, if you don't have a kickstand on your two-wheeler, this little gem will help stop that sickening death-spiral your bent will sometimes do when you stop for a break. Very stretchy and durable, the Bike Brake also works great when doing maintenance on your shifting (locking the front wheel) or even when you store it! A cheap safety item.
POC Tail Light Holder
A cool way to extend your taillight on your Catrike, ICE, or any other bent with a 1" horizontal tube. Angled 8" up and out, this lightweight aluminum mount gets your favorite taillight away from and above your shoulders. We offer two tubing sizes, 5/8" and 7/8" to better fit some of the different clamp sizes out there. Taillight not included.
POC Seat Extender for Select Catrikes
If you have an adjustable seat Catrike and just want a little more upright seating, this is the ticket. We've found this very successful especially with those having upper neck issues. Machined here a Power On Cycling, this little gem will sometimes make the difference between comfort and pain. Easily swap out your existing seat extender with two Allen wrenches.
POC Trigger/Rapid Fire Handlebars
Want to use a pair of SRAM Triggers or Shimano Rapid Fires on your favorite Cat? Now you can without sacrificing comfort or adjustability. This pair of handlebars gives you the vertical handlebar riser and beautifully bent 7/8" handlebar and handlebar clamp. You just clamp them to your Catrike horizontal bar and you're off to the races! The horizontal hand position is extremely comfortable and provides a unique sense of stability. We actually have been making these in one form or another with some of our handicapped clients. I'll have to say, Commander Shak (whose trike is pictured in the features) is the one that drove me to take another look at these. Available in environmentally friendly silver or powder coated black.
POC Exit Assist Bars
We do a lot of work with folks needing special assistance when they ride their Catrikes. We try our best to make that experience as safe and as comfortable as possible. One of the big challenges with many of our customers is entry and exit. This includes those with prosthetics, those who have had knee or hip replacements, or those who just don't have the leg strength just yet. Our exit assist bars go a long way to helping with those issues. Built of 6061 aluminum, these bars are lightweight yet very functional. They clamp securely onto the horizontal handlbar mount on the Catrike. A two bolt clamp allows you to swing them left and right to fit different sized riders and then securely clamp them in place. Midway up the bar is another two bolt clamp giving you both vertical adjustment and a flat yawing of the actual grip part of the bar. If you own a newer Catrike with the left or right hand mirror mount, you'll need to remove those. There's not enough room for everything on your horizontal stem and the ends of our exit bars are a convenient place to mount your mirrors. We've found that installing a T Bar or similar device in the derailleur tube often leads to problems. This is so far forward that when your rear end leaves the seat, the front of the trike will dip sharply to the ground often leading to a tumble. A simple yet elegant solution to make your already fun triking experience a safer and less painful one. Sold as a pair.
POC Headrest for Catrike Fixed Seat Angle Models
This is the best headrest for Catrike's models with a fixed seat angle: 700, Expedition, Speed, Road, older Trails, Villagers, and Dash. A strong headrest for a strong trike. Fully adjustable fore, aft, up, and down. Mounts to the side of the horizontal tube to cross neatly around rear racks! Our improved neck pad comes with a 4" thickness made from super high quality foam. Pad is easily removeable for replacement down the road. Available in two lengths: Short length 8" long and long length (10" long. If you need a special length, just call me and we'll make that for you. We include a plastic shim piece to go between your Catrike and our headrest mount to help protect your paint. We've also included a nifty taillight mounting area to help get that light up and into their field of vision. This can also serve as a nice way to pick the tail end of your trike up and pivot it around!
POC ICE Transition Bars
Need a little extra help escaping your ICE after a hard days ride? We've been using these with our adaptive cycling customers and found them extremely useful on both the Sprint and Adventure. Fully adjustable in height and yaw of the bar, these gems will ease your entry and make your exit look like you've rehearsed it all day! Depending on how you place them, they make a great place to hang mirrors, computers and all sorts of stuff. Remember, we switched to recumbents because cycling doesn't mean you have to hurt to do the ride. Bring back some comfort and security with our transition bars. Available in natural silver and black
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New alloy 20" front fender set for all 20" front wheel equipped Cat's. Includes Catrike proprietary mounting hardware. These fenders run tires up to 1.75" in width. Wider tires will have clearance and coverage issues.
Bacchetta Giro 26
Big brother to the Giro 20, the Giro 26 was introduced in 2005 and became an instant recumbent bicycle classic. It's the perfect solution for recumbent riders that love the dual 26" recumbent format for commuting and hardcore touring, without all the touchy-feely super lightweight components found on its roadie brethren. This bent is all about taking on life day to day; ride it hard and put it away wet, the Giro 26 will be there tomorrow ready to go again and again. From its custom frame designed in the U.S. here at Bacchetta, to its high performance components, the Giro 26 is built to satisfy even the most critical recumbent cyclist.
Bacchetta Bella
If comfort is your number one concern when it comes to purchasing a recumbent bike, the Bella is the perfect option for you. Designed for ultimate comfort the Bella is unlike any other bicycle you've ever ridden, recumbent or upright. Forget the days of having an aching back and bottom after each ride. This recumbent bicycle was created to allow for longer rides, easy control, and amazing performance. With it's 67" wheel base, the Bella offers incredible stability at all speeds. For new riders, this means the learning process is as easy as getting on your new bent bike, and riding away! Bumps and road inconsistencies are no problem for this recumbent, so the the ride is always a pleasure, no matter the conditions. Other thoughtful design criteria were the downward sloping top tube. Imagine that, the shorter you are, the lower the seat gets. Brilliant!
Bacchetta Giro ATT
The Giro-20 TT recumbent bike was designed for the person who wants the perfect all-around ride. Not only does this bike take the rigors of commuting and touring head on with its time tested Bacchetta aluminum frame, its stretched wheelbase also takes on potholes and rough roads with ease. The Giro-20 TT is built to be tough and makes getting out there and riding your recumbent bicycle as easy as hopping on. This rugged recumbent has generated a serious buzz with the commuting and touring crowd, because it really is the ultimate in comfort, quality, and value.
Catrike Pocket
$2,150.00 - $3,150.00
Bacchetta Corsa
Since the Corsa received a face lift in 2005, it has become one of the most sought after performance recumbents on the market. Not only does the Corsa model come with a rigorously tested Aluminum frame, it also comes standard with the evolutionary EuroMesh saddle and a component package that will make your fellow recumbent riders salivate! Check out the complete component package for the Corsa, ride one for yourself and you'll very quickly see why all of the other Corsa riders on the road have just two words for their recumbent cycling brothers: See ya! This is my personal favoirite of all the high-racers out there and one I personally ride. The frame is stiff yet forgiving and the responsiveness is excellent.
Catrike Expedition
$2,550.00 - $2,700.00
A Sport-Luxury Catrike with a wide track and long wheel base. It is capable of handling heavy loads for long distance touring and it is still a fast machine with a very wide gear range. Honestly, I think this is Catrike's most versatile trike. Not only does it make a superb touring platform, but with a few changes, the thing will scoot right along with the best. The 26" rear wheel gives enough flex to offer some shock absorption for those long tours. This wheel size also plugs you into an incredible amount of tires from go fast to soft and spongy cruiser. An Expedition with a Power On Cycling hand-built 650 rear wheel, Schwalbe Ultremo R Tire, and Schwalbe Durano's on the front, is a totally different animal. Fast, responsive, and able to hold speed on the long haul. All this and you still have ground clearance aplenty!! Stock colors: Silver Cat or Bengal Red
Catrike Villager
$2,550.00 - $4,178.00
This is an affordable, user-friendly Catrike that anyone can ride. One of only two Catrike models with an adjustable seat, the Villager's grown into a truly utilitarian vehicle with incredible ground clearance. Ride it to the grocery store or out to dinner; it’s great for a picnic in the park, or ride it wherever you want to go. You will enjoy the scenery more than ever and discover the great joy of riding all over again. The Villager’s 12.5” seat height allows you to get in and out with little effort. Featuring 5.5” ground clearance you will easily negotiate speed bumps and curb transitions. The stable 31” track and the now standard 27-speed drive train with quality components are marriage made in heaven. This Cat is easy to ride and friendly for a first time buyer. And best of all, it’s affordable. Human power is great for the future, but even better today. Beautiful-Simple-Functional Catrike Villager. This trike is shipped fully assembled, ready to ride via truck freight. Please email or call us to finalize your shipping charge to your location.
Catrike 700
$2,950.00 - $3,100.00
An all-out speed Catrike. Its aerodynamics seating position, fast rolling 700C wheel and high gears, give it a top performance. It is arguably the fastest recumbent trike in the World. The words, "On Rails" seem to apply to this Catrike. This trike will fly and you don't even need a license. Solo today! Stock colors are: Silver Cat or Black Cat and like always, optional colors are no problem.
Catrike Trail
$2,961.00 - $3,145.00
A Budget-Priced multi-purpose Catrike. Its stable geometry and friendly ergonomics make it a great trike for novices and veterans alike. In fact, I think this is the best bang for the buck from Catrike. A great seat angle, easy steering, great ground clearance, and all the component advantages you need for years of fun.
Catrike Road
$3,550.00 - $3,700.00
A Premium multi-purpose Catrike. It is great for the trail, commuting or touring the World. This trike bridges the gap between low slung speed trike and a more robust touring trike. The seat angle is starting to recline enough to give you some aero advantage and for some people make a headrest a good idea. The component upgrade to bar ends is also a very nice feature.
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