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Sometimes 1 1/2" isn't quite right. Many of us (me included) need just a little more padding. Our 2" seat foam replacement comes cut and velcro attached. Shaped to fit Power On Cycling or Swanson seat only. This will not fit on any Bacchetta seats.
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Mounting hardware to install a carbon or fiberglass hardshell seat to a Bacchetta seat frame mounts. Includes all bolts, nuts, rubber and steel washers, and brackets
Ventisit Comfort Seat Pad
$99.00 - $119.00
A lightweight, fully breathable alternative to foam. very longwearing material that doesn't absorb funky oders/fluids. Very UV resistant without being scratchy or damaging your clothes. You can even wash it in warm water! Available in 2cm (the classic) or 3cm (the comfort).
POC Fiberglass
$199.00 - $239.00
Made here at Power On Cycling, this seat will get you reclined! Following the contour, this seat measures 34" long, 13" wide where it cradles your hips, and 10" where you sit. Our seat features a gentle curve at the bottom, not an abrupt angle. This helps you recline, but also makes this seat A BAD CHOICE IF YOU LIKE TO SIT UPRIGHT!The seat averages 2.3 pounds in weight. It comes without a pad (you can order it on our site) and not drilled for any particular bent.
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