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Racks: Frame Mounted

Sun EZ1 Mid-Rack
Designed for the Sun EZ-1 recumbent line. Carry your panniers in front of the rear wheel for extra stability. This rack also lends itself well to other recumbents with a little modification.
Sun EZ1 Rear Rack
Sun rear rack designed for the 20" rear wheel EZ-1. However, this rack also works very well on Catrike 20" rear wheel trikes, Wizwheelz and so on. Everything is included to mount to the EZ-1. You'll need a Delta mounting hardware kit to make it work with other applications.
POC Rear Rack for Catrike
$59.99 - $64.99
A versatile rear touring rack for a great touring trike. Even though this picture doesnt' do it justice, this rack fits incredibly well on the many models of the Catrike. There's plenty of flexibility to raise and lower the rack for different tire options. This rack also doesn't interfere with the headrest. We shorten the rack up for those of you riding 20" rear wheel trikes. For Catrikes with adjustable seats, the rack attaches to what would be a seat stay on a standard bike. That way your seat adjusts without having to fiddle with rack hardware.
POC Villager Rack
This rack comes ready to attach to your Villager. allows you to take a trunk bag and campus/day size pannier.
Bacchetta Back Rack
Made of lightweight aluminum, the Back Rack stays even and is rock solid. A must for commuting and touring, the Back Rack will fit most Bacchetta bike models. Some bike applications take a little more "Engineering". This is especially true of those with disc brakes.
Terracycle Mid-Rack
Put the load where it needs to be; low and in the middle! Makes a dramatic difference in bike control and the load that is now not on top of your rear wheel. Just choose your tube size, 1 1/2" or 2".
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