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Fabric and Foam

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POC Heavy Duty Black Zip Ties
POC Heavy Duty Black Zip Ties

1/4" wide and 14" long. Heavier and stronger than you'll finda at the hardware store. Great for holding recumbent seat backs together. [more]

POC 1" Webbing
POC 1" Webbing

Use to fabricate bag holding straps, straps to hold your bike on a bike rack, seat back straps, etc. Works great with our 1" plastic buckles. Sold by the foot [more]

POC 2" Non-Sticky Back
POC 2" Non-Sticky Back

Commercial quality 2" velcro. Sold by the foot. Hook and pile available. [more]

POC 1" Plastic Buckle
POC 1" Plastic Buckle

Fabric your own straps using this buckle and our one inch webbing. Works great securing seat backs as well. Sold as a pair male and femaile pair. [more]

POC 2" Sticky Back Velcro
POC 2" Sticky Back Velcro

Commercial quality velcro with strong sticky back tape. Choose between hook and pile. We use this velcro on our fiberglass and carbon fiber seats. Sold by the foot. [more]

POC 2" Foam
$8.50 - $24.99
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Breathable black foam with large pores. We use this 2" size on our fiberglass and carbon fiber seats. This is also the same foam from the same supplier that outfits Bacchetta recumbents. This product is sold in 12 x 12 x 2" basic units. We stock it in a big sheet. If you need something other than… [more]

POC Phifertex
POC Phifertex

Tough, 17 x 11 weave. This material reacts well to sewing. Vinyl encapsulated woven fabric. Excellent for cool back seats. Tough enough to drop grommets in. However, we usually sew in some nylon webbing before we drop the grommets for added strength. Sold by the yard; a yard being 36" x 54". [more]

POC Black Open Cell

Wanna roll your own? This is our quality 2" thick breathable seat foam. This blank comes in a 12" x 36" piece. Just right to cut your own replacement. The easy way is to trace your existing pattern on our blank is with chalk. Grab your handy electric kitchen knife when your spouse isn't looking and… [more]

8 Results

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