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Evo Thermal Knee Warmers
When your knees are in the breeze and you need that extra something to get the old knees warmed up. These are heavier than your standard lycra warmers. Works great on a chilly morning with the convenience to pull them down when not needed. Good quality grippers so they don't sag like old hose! Available in Black.
POC Paralyzed Veterans Racing
Please help us Support them. Many of you know I'm actively involved with wounded or disabled veterans. One organization I give my time to is Paralyzed Veteran's Racing (PVR). They give these guys and gals a way to stay competitive or just train for their physical and mental well being. Many of the folks on this team have paid a horrible price to defend us and keep us safe. Cycling, whatever form it takes, hand cycling, recumbent trikes, or adaptive upright cycles, is a great way for them to get out compete, make friends, and stay healthy. It takes money to pay race entry fees, help defer travel, fund some equipment, and to put on their Adaptive Cycling Clinics across this country. PVR has come up with this T-Shirt as a fund raiser. 100% of the sale price goes to them. It's a worthy cause. Thank you for helping. Mark
DeSoto DeSoto Arm Coolers
Protect yourself from the sun and heat, with DE SOTO ARM COOLERS™. Yes, ARM COOLERS... contrary to what you wear in the winter to keep your arms warm, this set of sleeves keeps you cooler in hot weather. Skin Cooler ™ is a special moisture-radiating material that actually offers a cooling effect. They are guaranteed to keep your arms cooler in training and in racing than not wearing anything. These sleeves block 75% of UVB rays, which is about as much as any bike jersey you may wear. We recommend you wear sunscreen underneath. Available colors and sizes: 1 xs-black 2 s-black, 1 s-white 4 m-black, 1 m-white 2 L-black. CLOSEOUT!!!!!
DeSoto Desoto Cool Wings
What started out as simply a concept piece has become the next evolution of Arm Coolers! Turn any sleeveless jersey into a long sleeve and stay cooler doing so! The Coolwings cover your shoulders, lower neck, and arms when wearing almost any sleeveless top. Easy to put on and remove, it is made of Skin Cooler™ Stretch (see Fabric Facts). They block 75% of UVB rays. CLOSEOUT!! 1-small
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