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Various The Dreaded Ping Bell
When I lived in Germany, little old German ladies on their 50 pound utility bikes used to drive me nuts with one of these; pling pling....pling pling. Actually, they are more polite on trails than yelling at someone.
Mirrcycle Incredibell Big Bell
Could be the mother of all ping bells. Quality product with a lovely tone. This may date me, but it sounds like one of the old time telephone rings. Not harrassing, just pleasent and awakening!
Mirrcycle Incredibell Big Bell: Brass Look
A brass plated version of the "could be the mother of all ping bells". Quality product with a lovely tone. Just beautifully finished bell.
Portland Design Works King of Ding
This is the bell of all bells that says nothing, but class . Quality metal construction throughout. A bell you'll be proud to point out to all the riders in the paceline! Don't be afraid to Ding. Fits a 25.4mm handlebar.
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