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Various The Dreaded Ping Bell
When I lived in Germany, little old German ladies on their 50 pound utility bikes used to drive me nuts with one of these; pling pling....pling pling. Actually, they are more polite on trails than yelling at someone.
Mirrcycle Incredibell Big Bell
Could be the mother of all ping bells. Quality product with a lovely tone. This may date me, but it sounds like one of the old time telephone rings. Not harrassing, just pleasent and awakening!
Mirrcycle Incredibell Big Bell: Brass Look
A brass plated version of the "could be the mother of all ping bells". Quality product with a lovely tone. Just beautifully finished bell.
CatEye BM-500
3 1/2" post elevates this mirror above most recumbent obstructions for safe viewing. We include this mirror on the majority of long wheel base recumbents we sell. We also use it on trikes with bar end access. Post pivots for and aft and the mirror head has a ball pivot with tension adjustment. Available in left hand only.
Mirrcycle Mt Mirrorcycle
Works great on most all recumbent applications. Versatile mirror head allows you to mount it on either left or right side. Comes with two sizes of bar ends for thick alloy bars as well. We also stock a replacement mirror head in case of those pesky accidents.
Bike Peddlers Take A Look
This dynamic mirror pivots in three planes to provide you a clear view without straining your eyes. The acrylic mirror is frameless and provides wide uninterrupted field of vision; mirror surface measures 1 - 7/16 inches x 1- 1/16 inches. The mirror face adjusts by rotating it 90° from the wire; fore and aft rotations offer fine-angle adjustments. it adjusts for a secure fit without vibration and can be attached to either your eye glasses or helmet visor
Zefal Dooback Bar End Mirror
Nice rectangular mirror. Available in left or right hand. Folds in for storage and transport.
Portland Design Works King of Ding
This is the bell of all bells that says nothing, but class . Quality metal construction throughout. A bell you'll be proud to point out to all the riders in the paceline! Don't be afraid to Ding. Fits a 25.4mm handlebar.
Zefal Cyclops Mirror
Foldable bar end mirror. Tear drop shape is designed as left hand only, but can be mounted on the right.
B & M Cyclestar
Excellent choice for bents with swept back handlebars. Extremely versatile pivoting mirror head. Included bar end and clamp-on mounts. Long (5") and short (2 1/2") stem available. Long stem works best on trikes and underseat bikes. Short stem is best on swept back bars (Bacchetta, etc).
Delta Air Zound
This is the loudest, most obnoxious warning device around. Lightweight, just fill with air. Most effective against teenagers playing loud music in little Honda's. A good 50 blasts per fill up.
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